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Sith's Mods

The Original Infdev Vision

The Original Infdev Vision (TOIV) is a mod for Minecraft Infdev (20100630-2) with the idea of making it the way Notch originally envisioned it, days before Infdev was actually created.
It's goal is to reimplement level themes, level types, finite levels, and other things that Notch was also going to implement from his planned list, or even things that he's mentioned along the way in Infdev's early stages, such as changing your spawn point.
It's got Beta's UI scaling, Creative Mode, bugfixes, and other stuff to make the game feel better.

Also, moss grows on cobblestone near grass!

Infdev Ultimate

Infdev Ultimate is a mod for Minecraft Infdev (20100625-1) to mainly add Multiplayer to the game, but also enhance the game itself to run faster. It adds blocks such as working gears, coral, seaweed, and more.
It's got Beta's UI scaling, Creative Mode, bugfixes, and other stuff to make the game feel better.

Also, Brick Pyramids!

Indev Multiplayer

Indev Multiplayer is a mod for Minecraft Indev Build 20100223, that adds working Survival Multiplayer

using Beta 1.7.3's netcode base, meaning it is more stable than classic servers and is capable of being modded easier. Made with RetroMCP for easier modding for everyone.

Alpha Mod

Alpha Mod was created in 2018 after I decided I wanted to make something like a texture pack but extended.

It originally started as something very simple, but as the time went by, I started adding a lot of optinos that made the game be more like Old Days, and you could select different world generators, or have Early Classic's building mode, or have gears and redstone at the same time, or have Humans, Finite worlds... The list goes on.
This mod is like Old Days, but made for Beta 1.7.3. Be aware that the last versions are quite laggy and unstable. I recommend you play Alpha Mod Infdev, as that was the last stage of development of the mod before things got out of hand.

Friends' Mods

PE but in b1.7.3!

GenericPnPMonitor's PE Mod

A mod for Beta 1.7.3 that turns the game into it's Pocket Edition counterpart.
It's got somewhat accurate recreations of the world generation, the lighting, the menus, and much more!
Nothing better than the good old Nether reactor, eh?


TolerableDruid6's TRP 0.0.12a Mod

A mod with the goal of recreating one of the early 0.0.12a 'developer' builds of Minecraft.
Currently not in development.


TolerableDruid6's Cave Game Plus

A mod that adds things like Entity AI, Zombies, proper Tile code and more.
Currently not in development.